HR Future: Discover the Benefits of Online Reputation Checks | Yoono

We discussed how hiring the best candidate for the job is not enough with HR Future

As candidates increasingly prioritise finding the right company culture and environment, and companies strive to maintain their reputation, matching the right person to the right professional setting has become essential for the success of both parties.

What is an Online Reputation Check?

“An online reputation check is a process of examining an individual’s online presence to evaluate their overall reputation. This type of check is often conducted by employers to assess a candidate’s online behavior and public image to gauge compatibility with their business.

This check allows businesses to find the best match for their company by finding candidates that have a positive online presence and fit the company culture, values, and overall image, and ensure success.”

How to Conduct An Online Reputation Check With Yoono?

Yoono is designed to make your recruitment process easy and stress-free. This is why we designed Yoono in the simplest way possible. All you need is their name and company. It really is that simple, we’ll take care of the rest for Yoono users.

If you are interested to learn more about conducting online reputation checks via the Yoono platform and more, then read the full article on HR Future.