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About Yoono

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Easy to read reports for recruitment
or KYC process.

Our team has over 15 years of experience in online reputation and has used that experience to create a robust database that powers our browser search engine. Moreover, our reports can help an individual or company mitigate risk by making informed decisions based on a better understanding of the target at hand, aiming to streamline and improve the hiring & Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

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About Yoono

Yoono helps automate the online people search process. Providing assistance to any business, customer or organisation to create a comprehensive, low-cost report on an individual or company in minutes. When using industry-leading AI technology to search thousands of websites, articles and people reviews, Yoono generates an accurate sense of the prevailing external sentiment and opinion of the subject. Specifically, our automated system uses the power of Google to scour every online database and all social network sites to gain useful knowledge for companies that make a point of thorough due diligence.

Additionally, Yoono filters through unusable browser data, carrying out an in-depth search without the digital noise. We provide a usable, tailored insights, identifying any sign of notable issues linked with the person or company. Our understanding of the importance of customer reputation and the need to protect it underscores our client's reliance on Yoono. As a result, our tools gives you the relevant background on any prospective candidate, customer or company.

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About Yoono

Yoono was founded by Simon Wadsworth, an internet entrepreneur and expert in online reputation management. As a key spokesperson in the digital marketing industry, Simon regularly appears in marketing and business presses.

In 2009, Simon founded Igniyte, an online reputation management company. Igniyte works with companies, brands and high-net-worth individuals worldwide to help them create and maintain a positive online presence. Simon is the author of Protecting your Company's Reputation from Employee Risk and the Reputation Report 2021. After spending the last 12 years helping organisations repair the damage caused to their reputation by employees, Simon realised that being armed with the right information would prevent future harm. And so, Yoono was born.

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