Frequently Asked Questions

What does my Yoono report search for?
Your Yoono report consistently searches a multitude of sources including Google, social media, online content etc, and many APIs are delivered such as Azure AI, Facial Recognition, Sanctions Screening etc. This process produces a unique summary on your target individual or business online presence.
How long does my Yoono report take to run?
The Yoono engine uses the fastest machine learning and web data extraction technologies to make sure that reports are returned in a timely manner as opposed to inconsistent and time-consuming manual searches. Depending on the level of returned results and information your Yoono report will be back with you within as little as 10 minutes, saving you as much time as possible.
What information do I need to supply?

Your Yoono reports require a minimal amount of input information.

  • Individual report: An individual search requires as little as their first name, surname, and current/recent employer. You also can add extra criteria to define your search results quicker, if required.
  • Business report: A business search requires just the name of the target business to create an in-depth Yoono report.
How accurate is my Yoono report?

Yoono uses innovative technology such as AI, image recognition, web data extraction, online identity matching, and deep learning, in coordination with your initial search inputs and confirmation, to ensure a positive match.

The Yoono system works to provide scores based on the likeliness of being a positive match and passes through to the report with the highest matching scores. You can also broaden or narrow your search through Yoono’s search sensitivities and search modules.

As no AI is 100% accurate there may be occasions where false positives are presented, where we would encourage user feedback or getting in touch with our support team here, this enables Yoono to continuously improve the Yoono solution.

Can I check the links in my Yoono report?

A Yoono report on an individual or a business provides you with access to all URLs that are checked by Yoono’s system to then make the best assessments. You can directly hyperlink to all URLs of information where available.

Can I customise my Yoono report?
The Yoono engine allows you to select/deselect Yoono search modules to meet your criteria and supplement your processes seamlessly. Adjusting Yoono’s search sensitivity will also allow you to best broaden or narrow your search to match the requirements of your internal process.
How will I receive my Yoono report?
Each Yoono report will be emailed to you directly as a PDF & eBook and be housed on your Yoono dashboard, allowing you to preserve information for future reference and always be able to access your Yoono report.
Is my Yoono report GDPR compliant and legal?
Yes, Yoono reports comprise of all publicly available information, therefore GDPR compliant. Each report provides a rating on the accuracy of information presented; however, it does not rate the individual or company.
Is my Yoono search a background check?
No, your Yoono report is a data driven, reputational report that can be used in conjunction with any other internal process.
Can I run a Yoono report on anyone globally?

Your Yoono report can be generated on an individual or business from anywhere across the world.

Yoono crawls through APIs/data extraction tools with access to information globally, providing you with the best insight whilst being GDPR compliant.

All Yoono reports are currently translated into English.

What happens if I lose my Yoono report?

Each Yoono report will be emailed to you directly as a PDF as well as housed on your Yoono dashboard.  This allows you to preserve information for future reference, always being able to access your Yoono report.

What if my Yoono report finds minimal information on a target individual or business?

If a Yoono report finds minimal information, it shows that your target individual or business has a smaller online presence, which you can still create the best assessments on.

Why don’t I do it myself?

A manual search on an individual or business can be time-consuming and therefore costly and open to human error or bias. Yoono can compute all the necessary checks within as little as 10 minutes, providing you a consistent, non-bias, comprehensive report, every time.

How much is my Yoono report?

Yoono provides tiered subscription plans, tailored to your usage requirements, which you can find on our pricing page. Whether it be an Individual report or a Company report, each Yoono report counts as a single credit. We also provide customised plans for Enterprise level users, please get in touch with our sales team here.

Can I have multiple Yoono users?

Yes, you can have as many users as needed. Your subscription will be tailored to your needs. For further information, please refer to our pricing page here or get in touch here.

Can I run mutliple Yoono reports simultaneously?

Yes, Yoono reports can be run simultaneously if you have multiple searches to conduct.

Who do I contact if need help?

All our subscribed customers receive complete support from our customer success team in addition users can feedback via or call us on 0203 542 8689.

Can I upgrade my Yoono subscription if my requirements change?

Users can upgrade to a higher level of subscription if their requirements increase. Please refer to our pricing page or contact us here.

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