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Core Values

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Our Mission at Yoono
To help companies and individuals understand the importance of
online reputation.
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What are Yoono's Core Values?

We believe your employees and the companies you work with are an extension of your business and their actions will reflect on who you are as an organisation. Our reports help you understand those who represent your business and help your company focus on being the best in the industry.

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Simply put, we focus on being the best web-based platform to help you find the best fit for your company.
We do whatever
it takes
To create an atmosphere that promotes collaboration and builds the best product we can, and we reflect this in our company values.
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    Collaboration and Diversity

    It takes people with diverse backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives to make our company succeed. We embrace the insights and experiences our colleagues and partners bring to the workplace.

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    We are entrepreneurial and constantly finding innovative ways to create value.

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    We believe in the power of data and that it should be entrenched in all aspects of the decision-making process.

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    We believe in keeping things simple. The Yoono platform was built on this principle, creating a simple, straightforward solution that eliminates the lengthy research process for our clients through real-time reporting. Our goal is to improve your team's productivity and decision-making through automated data.

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    We believe it’s everyone’s personal responsibility to positively contribute to the communities in which we live and work.

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