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Yoono is an automated intelligence service that enables organisations to build a better picture of the people they choose to employ and work with.

Hiring the wrong person can be stressful and costly for your business. Yoono's tools can find relevant information in minutes and help you make more informed choices.

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Businesses are always at risk from the people they work with. A bad hiring decision can cost you time and money, as well as putting your business reputation at risk.

Yoono helps remove any bias by searching public information and providing high-quality online reputation checks. It can also send personalised data reports to give you insight into who you either hire or do business with.
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Reputation reports
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Yoono's reporting feature can build on-demand data reports and continue ongoing monitoring for real time insight into the people that you deal with.

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Why don't I do it myself

Do you have a documented process for doing it? Is that process consistent and robust? Who does it and when? How long does it take? Are they thorough every single time? How are the results presented? Does your system remove any bias? Are you GDPR compliant?

About us
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Fast automated results.

Automate your search workflow and see what’s relevant to your organisation quickly by removing the noise of unusable data.

Yoono users can easily access the information held on a browser, the web and social networks via an email report sent directly to an inbox ready for download.  The Yoono platform provides a report that instantly gives you a better picture of who you are hiring and working with on a professional level.

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