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Know before you get to know. Yoono.

An Automated Intelligence Service enabling organisations to build a better picture of people you deal with.

About Us

We help you streamline your checking process

Searching public information we create smart reports to give you insight into who you either hire or do business with.


Reputation reports ready in minutes

We create on-demand reporting and on-going monitoring for real time insight into the people that you deal with.

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Why don't I do it myself?

* Do you have a documented process for doing it? * Is that process consistent and robust? * Who does it and when? * How long does it take? * Are they thorough every single time? * How are the results presented? * Are you GDPR compliant?


Fast Automated results

Only needs a summary manual check. Automate your search workflow and see what’s relevant to your organisation quickly without the noise of unusable data. And all for just £9.99 plus VAT for each report run

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