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Simon Wadsworth

Reputation Expert

Yoono was founded by Simon Wadsworth, an experienced Internet entrepreneur and expert in online reputation management.

As an authority on digital marketing and online reputation management, Simon is well known for his ability to design effective and long-term solutions to all kinds of reputation-related issues faced by global organisations in today’s digital age.

Throughout his career, Simon has been a key spokesperson in the reputation management field. In addition to helping individuals and companies improve their online reputations, he also educates them on the benefits of utilising strategies tailored to Google's search algorithms and the online reputation risks associated with using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

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Igniyte and Reputations

In 2009, Simon also founded Yoono's parent company, Igniyte. By building the business to become one of the leading online reputation management companies, Simon was all aware of the link between company reputation and a robust company hiring process.

"We often forget that your company's success is tied to the people you allow around it," he added. "How do you know the individual you are hiring will be great with customers? Will they integrate seamlessly with the company culture? Know before you get to know."

Igniyte works with companies, brands, and high-profile individuals helping them achieve a positive online presence. By understanding and analysing his clients' reputation needs, he gained invaluable insights into the importance of the hiring the right people to work and develop the brand.

A lot of Simon's knowledge and key reputational takeaways can be found posted on the popular blog Reputations.org.uk, where he and the Igniyte team offer expert opinion on leading topics and key reputation management topics and questions.

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Thought Leadership

Marc has been a key spokesperson for recruitment processes, questioning the ethics and effectiveness of social media vetting.

"Social Media checks should not mean you can look through your employees' party pictures," he said. "The purpose of Yoono is to improve the hiring process and give employees more security of their online data."

Marc also mentioned the dangers of bias in recruitment checks, stating that the addition of Yoono's AI and automation services would not only give employers a better picture of who they are working with, but it would help make the process safer for employees.