The Benefits
of Yoono

The Benefits of Yoono

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To your customers, your employee’s behaviour forms part of your brand reputation.

There is little, or no, distinction between your company and the people who work for you. When your employees do something that reflects badly on your company, or brand, your company’s reputation is at stake.

You can contact us today at 0203 542 8689 or email to discuss how we can help with your company's reputation.

It is important to be proactive and mitigate reputational risk and protect your brand by conducting thorough reputational screening of any potential employees.
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Benefits of Yoono - Automate your search workflow

And see what is relevant to your organisation quickly without the noise of unusable data.

Each reputation report from Yoono offers the following benefits:
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    It's quick and easy to run a report, with the final product arriving in your inbox in about 10 minutes.

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    No more off-days. No more inconsistent approaches between different people and team members. A Yoono report offers high quality and consistent results you can rely on.

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    Access to industry-leading databases

    Each report runs checks across Yoono's database of websites and words of concern. All are supported by over a decade of expertise in the reputation management industry.

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    Remove the manual searches and time-consuming effort of running individual checks across hundreds of websites. Yoono does it all for you using the latest technology.