About Yoono.

Learn about the organisation and how Yoono came to be

Yoono was founded by Simon Wadsworth an Internet entrepreneur and expert in online reputation management. An authority on digital marketing, he’s known well for his ability to design effective and long-term solutions to issues faced by global organisations in today’s digital age. As a key spokesperson in the industry, Simon regularly appears in marketing and business press.

Simon also founded Igniyte, Yoono’s parent company in 2009, building it into a leading online reputation management company, working with companies, brands and high-profile individuals to help them achieve a positive presence online. Simon also runs popular reputation blog www.reputations.org.uk.

It was after spending 11 years helping many organisations repair the damage caused to their reputation by employees that Simon realised prevention was better than the cure. So Yoono was born.

A graduate in BSC Economics and MSC Computing from the University of Bradford, Simon established an award-winning internet design agency, Brand New Media, in 1994. The business advised companies on how the emerging internet market would affect them. By 2000, the company had grown to over 40 staff and boasted clients such as Heinz, Procter and Gamble and Tesco. Simon sold Brand New Media to French PLC Fi System in 2000, later creating Swamp, one of the most well-known digital agencies in the UK. In 2005, Simon was awarded the Leeds Media Profile Award, recognising his contribution to raising the profile of Leeds as a thriving and creative centre for media, marketing and e-business industries. In 2006, Simon sold Swamp to Brahm (now Brass agency) – the largest independent marketing agency outside of London and then founded Igniyte.

Simon is the author of A Guide to Building Your Company Reputation Online and A Guide to Managing Your Teenager’s Personal Information Online.

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