Why Yoono?

What it does, why you should use it and how to get started

Why use it?

Hiring or doing business with someone can be stressful and costly for your company, especially if it goes wrong. How can you be certain that it is someone you can trust? Trawling through social media accounts and online content is incredibly inefficient so there is a serious chance that you might miss something crucial. But doing nothing is risky and with Know Your Customer (KYC) it’s not an option. However Yoono has automated the whole process, its innovative technology searches public information that is online and then collates it into a personalised impartial report.

The process is simple but smart, just fill in a few details, click generate report and sit back. Within a few minutes you will receive your report via email. It’s robust, consistent and affordable, at £9.99 ex VAT and you can get going within a few minutes. Make faster and more confident decisions about people that you do business with. Getting to know has never been so simple. Know before you get to know with Yoono

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What is Yoono?

Yoono automates the online search process – you input/upload key information and Yoono does all the heavy work for you consistently and quickly.

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Reputation searches done right

The algorithms and workflows are built off Igniyte’s, ten years experience in Online Reputation Management which means those checks will be much more comprehensive.

Yoono provides a PDF report which enables you to digest these insights easily. All you have to do is read the results which are specified to your criteria to make more informed decisions on people that you deal with. 

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Automated and secure

Yoono is GDPR compliant as we don’t store any data and only replicate what is possible with a manual search.

Yoono is not a “ Background Check” company

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Getting started

Simply click the Create Account tab at the top of the page and fill in a few details We will send you an email with further instructions, simply confirm your email and add a password. You will then be able to start searching and running reports.

  • How Yoono works

    Simply log in using your email and password, we will give you some credits and you can start searching, it’ as simple as that.

    You will start with the search input form, there are tool tips for every field, fill in as many fields as you can and then click on the generate report button. Within a few minutes your report will be sent to your email account, please check your junk if it doesn’t appear within 10 minutes.

    Then simply read your report, checking the information returned and away you go, knowing before you get to know.

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