Yoono for KYC

How we can help you know Your Customer

Know Your Customer in the following sectors is critically important nowadays

  • Credit and financial institutions

  • Payment companies

  • Electronic money institutions

  • Money service business

  • Gaming and casinos

  • High value dealers

  • Estate agents

  • Independent legal professionals who offer financial or real property transaction services

The Government has issued comprehensive guidelines. However, how can you prove that you have done a diligent job? Trawling the Internet and social media accounts is time consuming, incredibly inefficient and therefore open to critical mistakes. You will then have to generate some sort of report for the audit tail. 

Yoono can supply part of the answer. Our reports are delivered to you in a non-editable PDF format which can be attached to a customer file. The report will contain anything that has been found online about your customer, segmented into easy-to-digest areas. It will be as accurate as the information that you input, so the more detail you have the more accurate it will be. Once you have input the data on your customer into our search engine, a report will be generated within minutes and sent back to you.

You then simply and quickly check the report and take the appropriate action. All just for £9.99 ex-VAT per report.

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