Search form instructions

Instructions on how to use the Yoono search form

  • Let's get started

    Hello and welcome to the Yoono search form. 

    The form has been designed for you to input data manually, but you will see in the top right hand corner an orange Upload CV button which will auto populate the fields from a CV, independent of format and file type. You will then just need to check that it has populated the compulsory fields.

    Below the Upload CV button you will also see a green semi-circle which shows how many credits that you have. Each credit represents one report that can be generated.

Image showing example of a Yoono form searching by country
  • Filling out the form

    As you go down the form you will see the fields that are compulsory, and they are highlighted with a red star in the right-hand corner. The accuracy of the report that you generate is greatly enhanced by the accuracy of the information that you input and the completeness of it. 

    You will see there is the opportunity to put previous information in on where someone lives and their previous employment.

    If you need further help each field has a tool tip if you place your cursor over the field description. 

Image showing example of a Yoono form searching by country

Now you're ready to go

After you've inputted the data simply click the “generate report” button at the bottom of the page. You will receive your report within a few minutes. If you don’t please check your junk email