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Why Yoono is relevant to HR departments and the Recruitment Industry

Igniyte (see about us), Yoono’s parent/sister company works daily to repair the damage caused by “bad” hires

We knew it was just the tip of the Iceberg, see Careerbuilders research conducted by Harris Poll, below

  • 62% of employers reported a bad hire

  • 27% of companies say a bad hiring decision cost them over £50,000

  • 23% of employers reported a loss of productivity

  • 22% negative effect on morale

  • 16% negative effect on customer relations

  • 12% reported fewer sales

And of course, the opposite of this is true, by maximising the opportunity of making a “good” hire an organisation can benefit enormously.

We know that online search results and Social media can give you a totally different insight into a potential hire and that most companies are now going down this road

However our ten years of experience tells us that the sheer cost, knowledge and time it takes to conduct manual online reputation checks effectively, and interpret the results, consistently means that many preventable “bad hires” are still happening

  • Yoono has a unique process to ensure thorough, consistent, robust results, the search is GDPR compliant as are the results. They are secure and you do not need consent We have learnt search techniques to find meaningful insights

  • A check against our database of websites of concern containing over 1000 websites

  • Check against our database of negative keywords of over 500 terms

  • Finalised PDF report so that you are GDPR compliant

  • Configurable to match your hiring criteria

  • All for a cost of £9.99ex vat per interviewee

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