Frequently Asked Questions

What does it search for?

It searches for online sentiment (i.e. positive, negative, neutral content) , Images, Images of concern (e.g. guns, weapons, drugs and alcohol), spelling, social media public profiles, media mentions, political views, directorships, company formations, company reputation, Google news, Google search suggestions, public bankruptcy and court orders, potential educational discrepancies, professional body memberships, websites and links with subjects keywords in, charity listings, and more.

Why don’t I do it myself?

  • Can you answer all of these questions?

  • Do you have a documented process for carrying out that process?

  • Is that process consistent and robust?

  • Who does it and when?

  • How long does it take to manually search hundreds and in some cases thousands of search results?

  • How thorough are they and are they reliable every time?

  • How are the results presented?

  • Have you got a report that evidences your search?

  • Are you GDPR compliant?

It's also  time consuming, and therefore costly and you can’t cover the search depth that our automated search can do. We can run hundreds of searches on one candidates keywords (name, location, job title etc) and produce the results instantly for you to look over. 

How much does it cost?

A single report costs £9.99 ex VAT. To get started you need to create an account and then buy credits using Paypal. Each credit costs £9.99 plus VAT and allows you to run one report.

The minimum quantity of credits that you can buy is one.

How long does it take?

For the standard search the report will be back with you within minutes.

Do I need consent from the person I am searching for?

You do NEED a client or candidate’s consent. This must be in your terms and conditions for dealing with someone and must be in place before using our system. In fact if you are governed by KYC you will need to carry out searches online and Yoono can provide an audit trail for you with its reports.

How accurate is the report?

We score the content based upon its likeliness of being a positive hit and allow through to the report the content with the highest scores.

The more keywords you provide around the subject the more accurate the report will be. We use innovative technology and our own databases developed over 10 years with Igniyte to reduce the number of what are called “false positives” (content around people with the same name) to an absolute minimum. 

Of course, the more common the name the more chance of false positives as it would be if you did this manually– please check your report and link we provide.

Do I need to check the links in the Yoono report?

You can only be certain that it is accurate by checking the report yourself. You are responsible for inputting accurate data into the Yoono form. Please check any links you feel may be false positives. These are constantly being reduced with the use of AI and the updating of our databases. However, there is always a chance.

What information do I need to supply?

Please provide a much information as you can in the Yoono form as the more you provide the better the report results will be. Inputting the main elements of a  CV is a good starting point.

Can it upload CV’s?

Yes it can directly upload CV’s from your desktop

How does it do it?

The Yoono system automates the process of entering all the combinations of keywords that you provide (e.g. name, job, location etc) into Google and then scans all the thousands of search results it finds to score the content using our  algorithm as a match for the person you are searching – it then filters through these search results and excludes certain websites that are not relevant and checks our databases to reduce false positives.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No you do not need to sign a contract, all we ask is that you pay for 5 searches up front and then pay as you go thereafter. However you are required to agree to our Terms and Conditions, and we highly recommend that you do read them.

Is it a background check?

No we cover search results available publicly in Google however we provide value added services that can do this for you at an extra fee

Is it a social media check?

No we do not research any of the major social media sites, we simply provide links to the profiles that we find

Can I specify my own type of report to match my hiring criteria?

We are working on that, to give you more control and will be coming shortly

Is it GDPR compliant and legal?

Yes we only look at publicly available information and we do not store any data, and you will have gained consent from your client or candidate so it is GDPR compliant.

Why should I do a google search on a candidate?

It gives you an additional layer of certainty and peace of mind. The cost of getting a hire wrong now can be ten of thousands of £/$’s and the damage to your brand can be enormous. Yoono provides another layer of insight into ensuring that your latest recruit is right for you. 

Does it work for anyone in the world?

Yes but currently we are focussing on English language regions and searches.

Does it give me an opinion?

We do highlight areas of concern but do not offer an opinion on what to do or the implications. How you choose to interpret the results is unique to you and your company. We simply present a set of results in an easily digestible format, drawing out any areas of concern based on Igniyte’s database….

How do I receive the report?

This will be emailed to you in a PDF format.

Can I save a report?

Yes you receive a non editable PDF report which can be saved. 

Can I edit a report?

No, you cannot edit a report. Once we send the non-editable PDF report to you we delete all the data to remain GDPR compliant

What happens if I lose a report?

If you lose a report, I am afraid that you will have to run it again as we do not store any data

What if Yoono finds nothing on the person?

For lower paid jobs this could be ok but for mid-range and higher you would expect to find something regarding previous career online so this may indicate an area of concern.