Finance Digest: Yoono discuss The Importance of Social Media Checks

Finance Digest

We discussed the rise in social media checks in recruitment with Finance Digest. Some questions on which we provided our expert advice are:

  • How Does the Increasing Popularity of social media Pages Affect Businesses?
  • Why Are Social Media Background Checks So Important to Different Businesses?
  • What are The Benefits of Hiring Professionals to Carry Out Your Social Media Checks

What are some stats which we discussed with Finance Digest about?

“Some surprising stats about social media and how much we use it include:

  • There are over 3 billion people in the entire world who use social media
  • The average person tends to spend around 3 hours every day using social media
  • Within the UK, the number of people who use social media is expected to reach around 51 million by the year 2025 (YouTube and Facebook are currently the two most used platforms).

We use technology to gather information, look for job roles and hire prospective employees. All these necessities for the internet have led to a reliance on social media unlike that which we have ever seen before.”


Want to learn more about what we can offer?

There are several risks that come with a business running an online reputation check internally, such as the risk of results becoming subjective, information being out of date or incorrect, and searches not being thorough enough.

Software such as that provided by us can be very beneficial to businesses as they will be able to get a detailed report that provides a full and unbiased image of an individual.

If you or your business would like to know more about Yoono and what we can do to assist you throughout the hiring process, then do not hesitate to get in touch.